Watch Get Hard on Netflix

Get HardIn two days Get Hard will be made available on NOW TV and until today I though they would be the first streaming service online to show this film. But, I was mistaken, because today it was just made available on Netflix. And guess what? It was not made available on Canadian Netflix which is very typical for brand new films that are quickly made available on Netflix. Instead Get Hard was made available on Netflix in Australia.

I have not seen Get Hard yet and probably I will not watch it either, because it looks to me like a really bad film, at least based on the trailer. It reminds me of Big Stan from 2007 or something, only that Big Stan seemed much better and I actually liked watching that film. But to me Get Hard simply seems like a wanna be funny film that instead ends up being incredibly boring. But, I have not seen it, so can not tell whether I am write or wrong about that.

But, if you decide to go ahead and watch Get Hard, please write a comment to share your thoughts on the film, and if you have seen Big Stan, why not compare it to that one and help me out. If someone says that this is a film worth watching, I might actually do so. But, until then I guess I will let others watch this film instead of me!

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