Netflix coming to Italy today!

Netflix in Italy
Now you can watch Netflix in Rome as well!

It has been two amazing days in Netflix history as they just launched in Spain on October 20th and in Portugal on October 21st. Today it is October 22nd and it is time for the historic launch of Netflix in Italy!

In three days Netflix has extended their services to three new countries and more than 100,000,000 new people. That is quite amazing and I am sure that thousands of Italians rejoice at the fact that they no longer need to use a VPN to watch Netflix in the country anymore, but just visiting they will be able to subscribe, watch and enjoy all the goodies available on Netflix.

So, this is great and it might result in fever people visiting my article on how to watch Netflix in Italy, because after all you do know how to watch Netflix in Italy right now, all you need to do is visit their website. But, I do believe that lots of people will come to this site for another reason and that is because they want to switch between different Netflix regions, because they find out that they miss some of the TV series and movies available on US Netflix or maybe Canadian Netflix, and they would like to watch what is available in other Netflix nations as well, and not only on Italian Netflix.

But, I encourage you to visit, sign up for a free thirty day trial in Italy and if you enjoy it, keep on using the service. And do not forget about switching between the Netflix regions, because that is when Netflix is available at its best. And bookmark this site, because I keep writing those articles on the best new films that is added to Netflix every single week in the different regions, so that you should not miss out on any of the goodies and new films that are added!

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