Now you can watch Aloha on Netflix

Aloha onlineA while back I mentioned that it is possible to watch the film Aloha with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams on Amazon Instant Video. Now you do not need to pay extra for this anymore, because if you have a Netflix subscription then you can now watch it on Netflix as well!

Aloha is a quite amusing film, though not a film I would watch more than once. It is partly a romantic film as well, but if you want a romantic film, then there are much more romantic films available on Netflix and in other places. That is why this is a film that is kind of falling outside most categories, because it is not funny enough to be a comedy, not romantic enough to be a romantic film and simply not good enough to be a top category film. Maybe that is why it did not come to cinemas all across the world.

If you want to see the film then you can watch it on French Neflix, that is Neflix in France, and to watch it there you can read more about switching Netflix regions in the following article.

If you would rather watch the film on Amazon Instant Video, then you can read my article which was posted on in the following article.

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