How to watch Netflix in Italy?

Italy is a long and slim nation with great football players, lots of catholics and very tasty pizza! But, what should you watch while eating the amazing pizza and drinking the wonderful Italian wine? Netflix of course… but, how can you watch Netflix in Italy?

If you are located in Italy and visit you will soon find out that it is not working, because you are located in Italy. It will tell you that Netflix is not available in this part of the world yet, and you can then sign up with your email address to be notified whenever Netflix comes to your nation. But, we want to watch Netflix right now. What should we do then?

Watch Netflix in Italy

Watch Netflix in Italy NOW!

To be able to watch Netflix in Italy right now you will need to get yourself an IP address in a nation in which Netflix can be used. So, to get this done, just follow the steps described here in this article.

HideMyAss website
  • First of all you need to sign up for the services of a VPN provider, and for this purpose I recommend HideMyAss. Once you have signed up you download their VPN client, enter your username and password, and you are now ready to go!
  • Connect to a server in the United Kingdom (for example), restart your browser, and visit You will now see a different screen giving you the chance to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Netflix. Do so, and enjoy watching Netflix.
  • With your HideMyAss subscription you can also connect to servers in Canada, Ireland, United States, Germany, Austria and so on, and if you do so, you can watch Netflix in those nations with your current Netflix subscription. This is brilliant, because there are lots of films available in one nation that are not available in another, so thus you can enjoy Netflix much more as you discover how much this HideMyAss subscription can and will help you.

It is worth knowing that HideMyAss has a thirty day refund policy, so in case you are not satisfied and ask for your money back within 30 days (and have used less than 10 GB of bandwidth), you will get your money back!

So click the HideMyAss button a bit further up to visit their website and get ready to watch Netflix in Italy within a few seconds from now. It is worth it and there are tons of great films for you to watch in the coming days, weeks, months and years!

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