Do you Believe? on Netflix

Do You Believe on NetflixI am about to create an article within shortly presenting the best Christian films on Netflix, and it is very possible that this film will be in that list. In Do You Believe a pastor is asked a question by a street evangelist and their meeting changes the life of the pastor.

After this we can see how he influences the lifes of people around him and how this has giant consequences, not only for this present life, but also for eternity. Even though this is a Christian film and production a famous actor such as Sean Astin, known from the Lord of the Rings, is taking part in this film. The same company is behind this production as God’s Not Dead, another great Christian film, and both these titles can now be seen on Canadian Netflix, so go ahead and watch them right away if you are ready for a pure film, made by Pure Flix.

Go ahead and watch it right away, and if you want to know more about how you can watch Canadian Netflix in other nations, then read the following article.

If this is to serious for you, then a great recommendation for a funny and harmless film would be Big Momma’s House which was added to UK Netflix today. Here a cop needs to go undercover as a maiden for a woman in danger, and it is packed with good humor and some nice action!

You can also see the trailer for Do You Believe right here, right now, and based on that you can make up your mind whether or not you should see the film or not. I hope you will!

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