Watch Unfinished Business on Netflix

Unfinished Business on netflixUnfinished Business is yet another brand new 2015 film which has been released on Netflix in a record time. And guess in which Netflix region it has been made available? Of course, your answer was correct… on Netflix in Canada!  Why is that? Because Netflix in Canada simply seem to get all the best and newest films first!

But, what can you do if you are located somewhere else and still want to watch Canadian Netflix? That is luckily a very easy thing to do, and all you need is to use a Netflix region changer service like the one described in the following article.

But, is it worth switching regions because of Unfinished Business? That is a good question and I must say that for this film only I would maybe not go on for this, but since there are so many other great films available on Netflix, especially in Canada, I would for sure do so. Just consider some of my latest articles in which I have written about how films such as Mamma Mia, Kingsman, Cinderella and Fast and Furious 6 has just been made available on Netflix in Canada as well!

But, what is Unfinished Business about? It is about a guy who looses his job and then decides to create a similar company competing with his old boss. All odds are against him, but together with two other guys they put up a fight which leads them to Germany and to things making the odds go against them in an even great way.

Not at all the best film I have seen, but if you like the people in the film and like a comedy which is not the best, then go for Unfinished Business on Netflix tonight!

Normally I am a big fan of the comedies with Vince Vaughn, but when it comes to this film I must admit that it was worse than the normal Vince Vaughn comedies. Do you agree? Take a look and tell me what you think!

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