Best Romantic Films on Netflix

Best Romantic films on NetflixAre you in the mood for a romantic film and you are currently looking for advises on romantic films on Netflix? You have come to the ideal place and article, because here are my suggestions for you to get a perfect time in front of your computer or TV watching a romantic film on Netflix.

Before you continue, please notice the following!

  • At the time of writing all these titles were available on Netflix in the mentioned nations/regions. However by the time you read this article things may have changed, making them unavailable, since that is how things work in the world of Netflix.
  • If you want to know more about jumping between different Netflix regions so that you can watch all the mentioned films here online, but still only have one Netflix subscription, read the following article.

So, here comes the list of the best romantic films on Netflix, and if you want to not only read about them, but see the digital version of this article, take a look at the following YouTube video giving small presentations of the films mentioned in this article!

Best Romantic Films on Netflix

About Time

About Time is the romantic film in which we meet Tim, a guy who is not at all a favorite among women and not a popular guy. But, on his birthday his dad shares a secret with him, a special ability the guys in the family have inherited… they are able to travel in time.

Tim can of course not believe what he has just been told, but as he tries he discovers that it actually works and suddenly it changes everything around. He then meets a beautiful girl played by Rachel McAdams and they fall in love, and of course the ability to travel back in time to fix errors and bad moves helps a lot. But, traveling in time also carries some unknown challenges.

This is a romantic and funny film, that will not only give you a good time, but also make you think!

On Netflix: About Time can be seen on UK Netflix. More about region switching here.

About Time on Netflix is Romantic
About Time tells an enchanting and romantic story!

Mamma Mia

If you like films in which they sing, then Mamma Mia will for sure be a big hit. If you do not like films in which they sing, then there is a risk that you will not like Mamma Mia, but there is also a great chance that this will be the first film in your lifetime with lots of singing that you actually liked.

In this film we meet Sophie who after reading the diary of her mother wants to meet her real dad, but upon reading she realize that there are three father candidates. She invites all three of them to her own wedding and the real mamma mia atmosphere is reached when her mother see her three old flames suddenly show up out of nothing.

Mamma Mia is packed with great music, great actors and a film that most people already have seen 3-4 times.

On Netflix: Mamma Mia can be seen on Canadian Netflix. More about region switching here.

MAmma mia is also romantic
Mamma Mia is one of my favorite romantic films!

Age of Adaline

The Age of Adaline is a film from 2015 in which we meet the special Adaline, a girl who seems to live a normal and average life. But, after a car accident everything changes. As a consequence of the accident she has stopped aging, and people around her start to wonder how come that she looks so young, even though she is supposed to be much older.

This leads to a life „running” from relationships and always changing her jobs, because she can not let people around her find out whom she really is, because nobody would believe her and it would only lead to investigations and tests and more.

But, she is still a beautiful lady and as a gorgeous guy falls in love with her things seem to be okay, until they suddenly get more complicated upon a family visit to the boys parents.

A fantastic romantic film that you should watch and enjoy with someone you love!

On Netflix: The Age of Adaline can be seen on Mexican Netflix.

The Age of Adaline - Best romantic film
The Age of Adaline – a great romantic film on Netflix

The Proposal

The Proposal is not the newest film in history, but it is a very romantic one, and even more – it has some hilarious jokes!

Sandra Bullock is the boss in an office and everyone knows that she is tough as steel and everyone feers her. She has no affection for the atmosphere in the office and she demands everyone to do everything that she wants them to, even if that means that they loose out on family events and all sorts of social life. But, things suddenly change, because her VISA request has been turned down and she will be sent back to Canada. Unless… she gets married! And, the lucky guy is Ryan Reynolds, one of her workers who is willing to do anything, just to succeed in his career. But, now that he is doing Sandra Bullock a favor, she needs to do some things in return as well.

This is a fantastic romantic film that I have seen several times, and just as much as it is romantic, it is really cool, so watch it on Netflix with someone you love!

On Netflix: The Proposal can be seen on Norwegian Netflix.

The Proposal is very romantic
The Proposal is very romantic

Leap Year

If I am a big personal fan of The Proposal, then I must say that I really do like Leap Year as well. It is not a high budget film, but it is packed with great humor, some real nice English dialect and a wonderful and romantic story.

The main roles are played by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. They meet in a bar and Matthe Goode accepts to take Amy to Dublin where she will propose to her boyfriend on February 29th, after all it is a leap year. But, the way to Dublin is long and even though they are total opposites in many ways, Matthew and Amy seems to get a good eye for one another throughout their trip. But, what happens as they get to Dublin?

If you have not seen it yet, go ahead and watch this romantic film on Netflix, and I do hope and believe that you will like it just as much as I did!

On Netflix: Leap Year can be seen on US Netflix. Read more about region switching here.

Leap Year - Romantic film on Netflix
I find Leap Year both romantic and funny!

Take a look at the video above to see trailers from the mentioned films, and do not forget that things do change often on Netflix, so if these films do not exist by the time you read this article, then they might be available in other Netflix regions etc. Just write a comment and ask a question if you should have one, or if you have some other romantic film that you would like to recommend then write it down, and maybe I can feature it in future articles, at least if I like it as well!

Enjoy a romantic evening with a romantic film on Netflix!

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  1. One of my favorite romantic films was just added to Netflix in Canada.. Do not miss out on The Longest Journey!! 🙂

    1. Sorry, for some reason I always call it The Longest Journey, while the real title of the film is The Longest Ride… so, enjoy and go ahead watching The Longest Ride on Netflix as well, one of the best romantic films out there!

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