Watch Kingsman on Netflix

Kingsman on NetflixOne of my favorite films this year has for sure been Kingsman. I could not watch it in cinema, so I watched it at home later instead, and since many people recommended it to me I had big expectations to the film. And even though the risk of disappointment is much bigger for a film if you come with high expectations, I was not disappointed and actually enjoyed this mixture of an action and comedy film!

Kingsman is a kind of James Bond film, meaning it is about some super secret agents which no other agency in the world know about. They will of course need to fight for saving the world and in the film you can see famous celebrities such as Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton.

This is a real crazy comedy and I believe you will like it if you are a fan of action and spy films, and do not mind if they are spiced up with a sense of comedy and crazyness.

But can I watch Kingsman on Netflix? Yes you can! Kingsman was made available on Canadian Netflix the first of November in 2015, meaning that you easily can watch it using a simply region switching tool. You can read more about switching between the different Netflix regions in the following article!

So, go ahead and watch Kingsman, and I do hope that you will not be disappointed. If you have any thoughts worth sharing on the film, just write in the comment field. I would love to hear from you!

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