Can I watch The Longest Ride on Netflix?

I have earlier written about the film named The Longest Ride and I remember writing that it was one of my favorite romantic films and that I liked it way more than The Notebook, another film known to be a real hit among fans of romantic films.

Yes, you can watch The Longest Ride on Amazon and you can read more about that in the linked article. But, can I watch The Longest Ride on Netflix? For a long time, the answer has been no, but since 2015, it is possible to stream The Longest Ride on Netflix. But, why can’t you find it then? You can only watch The Longest Ride in a few Netflix regions.

The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride on Netflix

You can currently stream The Longest Ride in the following Netflix regions.

So, how can you watch it in these regions if you live somewhere else? There are several ways, and if you visit you will at once find a way that will give you access to Netflix in both Switzerland and Germany.

Is this a movie worth watching?

Should you watch The Longest Ride? The answer is 100% yes, at least if you do enjoy a nice romantic film. And what makes this film so much better than The Notebook is the fact that it skips out on the very sad parts, and remains 100% very romantic and nice, throughout the entire film. One of my favorite films in 2015. If you want to watch other romantic films on Netflix in addition to The Longest Ride then I suggest that you either read this article or watch the following video on Netflix.

Go ahead and watch The Longest Ride on Netflix. I am sure you will have a fantastic and romantic time doing so!

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