The Longest Ride on Amazon Instant Video

The Longest Ride on AmazonThe Longest Ride is what I would call a fantastic film. The film share a lot of stuff with for example The Notebook, another of my favorite films, but somehow I liked this film a whole lot more. It is simply romantic and a really nice film to watch.

In the film you can follow the couple who are really in love with one another, but as the guy loves to ride the bull, he is in constant danger and this of course causes frustration and some challenges in their relationship. Besides this the girlfriend meets an old guy who just survived a car accident, and as they chat together this becomes a relationship that influences the young girls relationship to the bull rider a lot.

If you want to watch an amazing and romantic film, then this is the film to go with. And to all my male readers, do not fear, because this is a nice film you all you guys as well! You can now see the film on Amazon Instant Video. Press the link to visit Amazon and start watching it right away.  If you have problems watching Amazon Instant Videos from abroad, press this link to find our more about how you can fix these problems and both watch and pay for your Amazon Instant Videos online from abroad.

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