A Most Wanted Man on Amazon Prime (and Instant Video)

A most wanted Man on AmazonA Most Wanted Man is what many people call the masterpiece of Philip Seymour Hoffman and it can now be seen for free by Amazon Prime members, while non Prime members can watch it and buy it as an Amazon Instant Video.

I most personally admit that I started watching the film, but this was not a film that caught my attention at all, and that is why I did not even finish watching it. I guess there are many angry people out there reading this and considering me both stupid and like someone who doesnt like a good film, and that might be true, but do not forget that I really liked The Longest Ride (which I wrote about in my last blog post). Now, it is not a secret that A Most Wanted Man and The Longest Ride are two very different films, so it is very likely that someone who likes one of these films will not like the other.

So, if you are a Prime member you have nothing to loose. Just visit Amazon.com and watch the film. If you are not a Prime member then go ahead and watch it on Amazon Instant Video.

Enjoy the film, and please write a comment and let me know whether you liked the film or not!

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