Child 44 on Amazon Instant Video

Child 44I remember seeing the trailers for Child 44 in cinemas earlier and thought that this could be a really interesting film to watch. At the same time I felt a disgust, because it is a brutal film (kind of) and as a parent I do not really enjoy such films. So what is the truth? I have still not watched Child 44, but maybe the time is here to see it soon.

Child 44 features Tom Hardy who is a real hotshot in Hollywood now and who is featured in all sorts of films and we can almost see him as frequently on the screens as we visit the toilet. At least it feels like that. So, now you can see him in Child 44, and if you want to see it on Amazon Instant Video, press the link for the direct link.

In the film we follow Tom Hardy who is out there to capture somehow who kills children, and that in a country where murder does not take place and never gets any attention. Take a look at the trailer and you will get a feeling what I am talking about.

Have you seen the film? Do you think I should see it as well? You can now see it on Amazon Instant Video. For more information on how to watch Instant Videos from abroad, read this article.

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