White God on Amazon Instant Video

White God on AmazonWhite God is a film recorded in the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary. In this film you can follow the little girl who has to leave her dog behind because a relative does not like the dog and does not want to pay any extras to keep the dog.

This is when the race begins as the girl does everything in her power to get the dog back, and the dog does its best to get back to the girl. This turns into a fantastic movie packed with beautiful dogs, smart dogs and panorama shots from Budapest.

You can watch the film on Amazon Instant Video.

By the end of August this film will also be made available on US Netflix, meaning that you can watch it for free with a Netflix subscription. If you want to know more about watching Netflix from abroad and if you would rather watch the film on Netflix than on Amazon Instant Video, read more about watching Netflix from abroad on netflix.fromabroad.org.

Want a little taste of what White God is about? Take a look at the trailer!

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