How to change nation of my Amazon Fire TV (Stick)?

move from amazon com to amazon ukAs I bought my Amazon Fire TV Stick I had an Amazon account in the US with an Amazon Prime account connected to it. Then just out of curiosity I wondered if I could change the nation of my Fire TV Stick so that I could enjoy the UK version instead with UK Prime possibilities and the UK apps made available. How did my research go?

At the Amazon help page they say that you can change the nation of your user and change the nation to the UK, and then you can change the nation. Instead of doing so I created a brand new user at registered with a UK address. As you come up with an address, make sure to follow the suggestions from so that the address ends up the way they suggest it!

You will also need to add a Credit Card to this account, as that is needed. I used my Entropay account number, but you can use any other card number as well, at last it seems so to me.

Now you can start your Amazon Fire TV Stick, and then go to Settings – My Account. There you need to disconnect, deregister, your current account, and then type in the information for the new account you just created. If you do this only then it might work, so give it a try, but for me it did not really try, because a last and very important step was missing… the UK IP address.

To fix this I could do two things…

  1. Setup a VPN connection directly on my router to connect to a VPN server in the UK, and thus all movements done online would be done with a UK IP address.
  2. Intead I used Connectify Pro on my Windows computer and shared a manual setup VPN connection as a WiFi network. In other words I connected to a VPN server in the UK, shared this connection using Connectify, and connected to that WiFi network with the Fire TV Stick.

I then restarted the Fire TV Stick and once I got back I could see the BBC apps, Sky apps, TV Player app and more. This is how I changed the country of my Amazon Fire TV Stick from USA to the UK, without actually staying in any of the mentioned nations.

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