Watch The Internship on Netflix

The Internship was one of my favorite films in 2013 and I saw it once again in the winter of 2014. Now I am very pleased to see that the film just arrived on Netflix, meaning that Netflix fans can watch it for free with their current Netflix subscription!

The Internship is not available in all Netflix regions, so if you visit US Netflix for example then you will not be able to watch it. But, how can you watch The Internship on Netflix then?

The Internship at Google

At the moment, you can watch The Internship in the following Netflix regions:

  • Italian Netflix
  • Canadian Netflix
  • Swiss Netflix
  • Japanese Netflix

But, how can you get access to these regions if you live somewhere else?

It is possible and I have written a dedicated article on this subject at so just click the link and read the article and you can find yourself enjoying content from all sorts of Netflix regions online at once.

If you would rather watch The Internship on, then you can read my article on how that can be done right here.

In The Internship you can watch Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as they try to win the jobs available at Google, but to get there they will first need to go through a hard internship period with lots of tests that are quite above their skills, but still they have some other skills that help them no matter what!

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