Is there an international Hulu alternative?

Have you discovered that Hulu is only available in the United States and now you are looking for an international Hulu alternative? What are the best alternatives to Hulu in Europe and elsewhere?

Hulu is a fantastic service for those who want to watch the latest and most recent episodes of their favorite TV series online. In addition it gets access to more and more great Hollywood films turning it into a good streaming service for films as well. Unfortunately Hulu is only available in USA, so the question is what to do if you are located someplace else. Are there any good alternatives to Hulu? Are there services similar to Hulu available? Or is there maybe an international Hulu alternative? Here are my suggestions!

Alternatives to Hulu outside the USA

If you are located outside the USA and want to find some a service similar to Hulu then these are my suggestions!

  1. You could consider Netflix. They have just made their service available in almost all nations worldwide, meaning that you can get access to their streaming services of both TV series and films all across the world. And if you follow these instructions you can also jump between regions.

    Services similar to Hulu
    Netflix is a service similar to Hulu
  2. Depending on the nation you are in you could also consider using Amazon Prime. This is a service similar to Hulu and Netflix, but it also includes access to music, Kindle books and more. This service is not available in all nations in Europe, so it might be that this is unavailable in your nation. Amazon Prime is currently available in for example France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and in the United States. For more information about watching Amazon Prime outside these nations, read this article.
  3. You came here looking for international Hulu alternatives, but what about actually watching Hulu instead? But I am outside the USA and that is why I am looking for alternatives to Hulu available at my current location. I understand, but that does not have to stop you, because it is possible to watch Hulu in your current country as well. What you need to do is to get yourself an American IP address, and once you have one you can visit to sign up (or log in) and then you will at once be able to watch and enjoy Hulu from wherever you might be in the big world. If you want to do so I recommend using HideMyAss to get yourself an American IP address.Visit HideMyAss website
    I am located in Europe myself, but I still haveĀ  a running and working Hulu subscription that I can use to watch for example the newest episodes of The Player.

    Looking for an international Hulu alternative?
    I am watching The Player episodes on Hulu in Europe


What is the best international Hulu alternative?

You have to decide for yourself which you believe to be the best international Hulu alternative. It might be Amazon Prime for you, it might be Netflix or it might actually be Hulu. Which option will you choose? Write a comment and let me know!


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