Get yourself a Kindle today!

KindleeBooks has turned into big business and it is really a practical way to read no matter where you are in the world. The Kindle from is the most popular of all readers and it is incredibly practical, so if you do not have one yet, you better grab your hands on one and order it today!

The price of a Kindle is the same as the price of 3-4 books, and if you are a frequent book reader you will soon earn back the money used on a Kindle as the books you buy for Kindle reading are cheaper than actual books, and thus you will also save forests, not only money!

If you want to grab hold of a Kindle then you should of course buy it from Amazon, and here you can find links to the standard Kindle on three different Amazon stores.

Unfortunately these eBook readers are not available for sending to countries outside England, Germany and the United States, but if you want to get yourself a Kindle but live in some other nation, then you should either follow the instructions in the following article telling you how you can order from an Amazon store and have your order forwarded to your actual country, or you can get yourself a Kindle Voyage, a new Kindle reader which can be sent also to other nations. Maybe you have read about the Kindle Paperwhite as well which is a bit better than the standard Kindle. That one can however not be sent to other nations, so if you buy one at for example it can only be sent within Germany.

My personal Kindle experience

I remember before getting myself a Kindle I was kind of a skeptic, after all I always loved holding the book, feeling its smell and using my pencil to mark content that I liked. And I must admit that I still would prefer an actual book to my Kindle, but… and there is a big but, as I am spending lots of time running around using public transportation, waiting for a bus or a driver and activities like that, I must admit that bringing a very small and handy Kindle is so much easier than carrying a big, fat book around! It is also much lighter and at the same time you do not only carry one book around, but you can carry thousands of books, so if you finish one book and still have an hour free, then you can simply start reading the next book!

And, since the Kindle has a battery capable of surviving for more than a month you do not have to charge it all the time, but you can simply charge it once and then you can keep reading and just keep it in your bag for weeks before you even need to consider charging it again!

In other words, I am so happy about my Kindle, I still love paper books and will for sure not end reading those, but carrying my Kindle around always makes me prepared for some time of and I can enjoy some minutes of reading whenever a chance is given. And I do not have big books around all day just in case, but there I have my little Kindle which is always prepared and takes little to no space at all!

Want to try a Kindle yourself? Click one of the links and order today! Do not forget that if you live in the EU then you should order from the German or the UK Amazon Store to avoid VAT.

Do you like your Kindle? Please write your experience and your thoughts!

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