Buy Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon

Kindle PaperwhiteAre you in the mood for buying a Kindle? Have you thought about which Kindle to buy? There are three different kinds of Kindle readers, the standard, the Paperwhite and the Kindle Voyage. Which one to buy?

The Kindle Paperwhite is the advanced Kindle reader and it has some great functions which can not be found on the normal Kindle. The most important functions of the Kindle Paperwhite compared to the normal Kindle is that it has a much higher resolution, meaning that you can enjoy reading in 300 PPI instead or 167 PPI.

There are of course more great functions available with the Kindle Paperwhite in addition to the better resolution and one such function is the availability for 3G networks and if you pay a special fee you can also enjoy free 3G in more than 100 nations in the world for the purpose of buying Kindle books whenever you want to.

Maybe the most important function coming with the Kindle Paperwhite compared to the normal Kindle is the fact that it has built in back-light. So, while it has been impossible to use the Kindle in darkness (without an extra lamp), it is now possible with the new Kindle Paperwhite. Using this you can easily adjust the brightness of the screen so that you can get just the amount of brightness you want!

The Paperwhite is a bit smaller than the Kindle, it is a bit heavier, but in general it can just be said that it is a better reader than the normal Kindle.

There are of course lots of other advantages with the Kindle in general, and one is that you can have thousands of books saved on your Kindle (all three brands, both the standard, the Paperwhite and the Voyage). All Kindle readers also have batteries that can keep going for weeks and sometimes for more than a month, so this is not like your mobile device which needs to be charged every single day.

So, the question is not whether you need a Kindle or not, but the question is rather which Kindle you will choose; Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyage.

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