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Kindle Voyage
Kindle Voyage delivered to many nations!

Are you looking to buy an Amazon Kindle and want to have the best of them all? Kindle Voyage is for you, and one thing that just makes this fantastic is that while you are mostly not able to order the normal Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite to other nations, the Kindle Voyage can be posted by Amazon to other nations as well!

If you live in for example Poland and want to buy a Kindle Paperwhite or a standard Kindle you will receive a message that this can not be delivered to your nation. There are ways in which you can fix this, but what can be done if you want to have your Kindle directly delivered from Amazon to Poland or some other country in which no Amazon store is present? Buy the Kindle Voyage, this can and will be delivered to your country!

If you are located in the European Union you will for sure want to order from or, because then you will not have to pay any VAT as the Kindle is delivered to your country. If you are not in the EU then you choose for yourself!

The Kindle is a fantastic tool for reading books and what makes it so fantastic, especially for people like me who want to get everything at once, is that you buy the book at Amazon and you will have it on your Kindle within a few seconds so that you can start reading at once!

What makes the Kindle Voyage so great?

The most important is that the Kindle in itself is great, so it is worth buying no matter what! But, what makes the Kindle Voyage better than the other Kindle versions available?

If you compare the Kindle Voyage with the normal Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite then there are a couple of differences. It has an adaptive front light available which can come in really useful when out traveling and in addition it has built in light, something that is missing from the normal Kindle. The resolution is 300 PPI (compared to 167 PPI on the normal Kindle) and it is thinner than any of the other Kindles, making it the smallest Kindle available at the moment. It is also the easiest of the Kindle’s, making sure that you will not get back problems carrying this around as you travel the world or enjoy a good book at the beach somewhere!

Press the links above to visit the Amazon stores and to read more about Kindle Voyage and go ahead and order it right away!

If you have tried the Kindle Voyage or have some question or feedback you would like to share, just write a comment!

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