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Now You See Me on AmazonNow You See Me is one of the top films that has been released in the last years and it has thousands of fans all across the world, and reading about it on I read comments from people who watched it several times in cinema, before buying it later on DVD and watching it more times.

So, this is for sure a film you should watch, but now you also have the chance to watch the extended cut as an Amazon Instant Video online.

The first link will take you to the extended version of the film, while the second link will take you to the standard version which we could see in cinemas, and which therefore is a bit cheaper than the extended cut. If you want to know more about watching Amazon Instant Videos online from outside the USA, read the following article.

Should you watch this film? Without a doubt… it is a fantastic story with some really well done tricks that will make you stuck to the chair and waiting for an explanation, and make you even more amazed as the explanations are given!

And even more important, you will need to watch Now You See Me before the sequel will come to cinemas in June 2016. Now You See Me 2 will officially carry the name Now You See Me: The Second Act and the story is about how the son of Arthur Tressler (Morgan Freeman) will try to get his revenge on the four horsemen. The son of Arthur Tressler is named William and he will be played by no other than Daniel Radcliffe, better known to many of us as Harry Potter .

And it also seems as if planning has started for a third film in the Now You See Me series, so get ready and start watching the first film first, and then you will be ready for Now You See Me 2 and Now You See Me 3 later!

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In Germany Now You See Me is available for free if you are a Prime member in the nation. If not, you can also watch it as an Instant Video there.

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In the UK this film is not included in the Prime Membership but you can still watch it as an Instant Video. It seems to me however as if the extended cut is only available in the US Amazon Store.

Enjoy watching and if you have any comments or thoughts, just write!

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