Big Easter discounts on

Before Easter Amazon celebrates the upcoming holiday with big discounts, especially on their Kindle Paperwhite. If you want to buy the fantastic Kindle Paperwhite for 80 Euro only, this is your chance to do so.

Easter deals on Amazon

Every year normally has a short period where they sell off their Kindle Paperwhite for 80 Euro only. The list price is 120 Euro, sometimes they have discounts offering it at 100 Euro, but then before Easter, and also around Black Friday, they often cut the price even more and sell it for 80 Euro. I have used such offers twice before to buy Kindle Paperwhite, meaning that this time I will not order one (as I have no need for more Kindle reading pads), but if you are in need of a Kindle Paperwhite, then this is a brilliant chance.

When the Paperwhite cost 80 Euro it is only 10 Euro more expensive than the basic Kindle. Is it worth it? Which one should you buy? Read my Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite article to find out more on that subject.

Would you like to buy a Kindle Paperwhite from, but feel like it would be impossible due to your total lack of German skills? That ain’t gonna be a problem anymore, because you can easily visit in English if you feel like. But, what if you live outside Germany? How can you have the Kindle delivered to your home-address? That should not cause any trouble for you either, because you can easily have your Kindle delivered to you from a temporary address in Germany.

The Kindle Paperwhite is only one out of several discounted products on Visit the website and look around, and if you are there, why not sign up for Amazon Prime in Germany as well? It is cheaper than the US Prime, but it doesn’t have at all that many products included in the subscription as in the USA.

Wish you all a happy Easter, and to find out more about how you can enjoy Amazon Prime abroad, just press the link!

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