Get a free Fire TV Stick right now!

Would you like to get a free Fire TV Stick? Who wouldn’t? Well, it ain’t gonna be completely free, but if you ever considered signing up for DirecTV, now is the time!

DirecTV is one of the leading services for those who want to cut the cables and watch all their stuff online. They are brilliant in many ways, even though I personally would use Fubo TV much rather than DirecTV. But, if you are in the mood for giving DirecTV a try, then you can now sign up and as a gift you will get a Amazon Fire TV Stick for free as a gift from Does it sound great? You can read more about the offer right here.

Free Fire TV Stick

This is in fact a very nice offer, as it gives you the chance to try either a month of DirecTV for free, or simply to get a Fire TV stick for free. The price of the two product are somewhat similar, meaning that you could consider this getting one of them for free. Not long ago I enjoyed a similar offer from HBO Now, only that was even nicer. They gave me a Google Chromecast for renewing my cancelled HBO Now subscription. I renewed for one month (which cost me 15USD) and for this price they sent me a Google Chromecast (which has a value of 35USD). So yes, thank you and I really appreciate that Chromecast.

Right now I feel tempted to get one more Fire TV Stick, but since I already have one, I do not really need to get one more, so I guess I will skip it this time. But, if you are interested, go ahead and give it a try.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and wonder how to use it abroad, follow the instructions in this article.

If you want to enjoy this offer, but do not have an address in the USA to which DirecTV can send you the Fire TV Stick, then you should read the following article about how to get a temporary address in the USA (and have the post sent there forwarded to your address elsewhere in the world).

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