Soon you can watch Prison Break season 5 on Amazon

On April 5th it is time for the Prison Break season 5 premiere on Fox. A few hours later you can stream the first episode of season 5 on Amazon, so get ready!

Michael Scofield is back, and so is his beautiful girlfriend Sarah. We all thought Michael was dead, but it suddenly turns out he isn’t, and that makes us all very happy. But, we shouldn’t be very happy, because he is protected in a very secure prison, and there are lots of people out there hunting for him. So, how will this end? We will not find out in the first episode, but if you keep on watching Prison Break season 5, you will!

Prison Break season 5 on FOX

As I mentioned the first episode will be aired on Fox on April 5th. A couple of hours later I do expect the first episode to be made available on Amazon as well, meaning that you can watch the first online as an Instant Video for sure in the morning on April 6th. You can also stream the new episodes on Hulu, but if you are an Amazon fan, then why would you do that?

I must admit that Amazon is very practical, since you always get access to all TV series there at once. At Hulu you do not get access to everything, but only quite a lot. On Netflix you get access to quite a lot, but often very late. At Amazon you have to pay more, but you get access to everything at once, and you pay for what you want to see, and you do not pay for what you are not interested in. That is the advantage with Amazon, but considering that you have to pay either 2 or 3 USD per episode, you soon end up paying much more anyway at Amazon, than you would do for a subscription to Netflix, Hulu and even HBO Now included (at least if you love watching lots of TV series).

Go ahead and stream Prison Break season 5 on Amazon and have a good time doing so!

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