Star Wars: Rogue One is here!

Rogue One on AmazonStar Wars: Rogue One was a giant success in theaters, and now it is time for its DVD and Blu-Ray release. As of March 24th you can buy the movie on

I have already mentioned Star Wars: Rogue One in my article on what’s coming to Amazon Prime in April 2017, but you probably already know that the movie will not be made available for Prime members in a very long time.  For those planning to purchase the movie, then March 24th is the day you have been waiting for, because that is the day following St. Patrick’s Day, and on that day Star Wars: Rogue One will be made available for buyers across the world.

For those planning to rent the movie on Amazon instead of purchasing it, patience is however needed, since the movie will be made available for rental only in two weeks from now.

When can one expect Star Wars: Rogue One to come to Amazon Prime and Netflix?

If you want to stream the movie “for free”, included with your subscription to Amazon Prime, Netflix or maybe HBO Now, you will have to wait for a couple of months. My guess is that the movie will hit Canadian Netflix sometime this summer, and I also expect it to hit HBO Now sometime around then. But, when will Rogue One come to Amazon Prime? I have no clue, and my guess is in a very long time. It is probably a question of years, if it will every arrive. Hopefully I am wrong, but looking at the lack of other Star Wars movies available with Amazon Prime, I do have a feeling that we will have to wait a very long time for Star Wars: Rogue One as well.

For more information about other movies coming to Amazon Prime, and to find out how you can access Amazon Prime abroad, press the link!

Watch Star Wars: Rogue One right away

Are you read to watch Star Wars: Rogue One? Are you willing to pay for it? If the answer is yes, go to and buy the movie right away. You can be watching the newest Star Wars movie right away, at least after March 24th!

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