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The Dressmaker on AmazonThe Dressmaker is a movie about a lady who moves back to her village, a place where she is neither popular nor wanted. She is coming with a question. She wants to find out whether or not she has killed someone in the past.

The Dressmaker, which is the title of the movie, is also a character in the movie. The character is played by Kate Winslet who does a great job doing so. The movie itself is an Amazon production, and for that reason it is only reasonable that you as a Prime subscriber in the USA can stream the movie for free online with your Amazon Prime subscription. If you have a Prime subscription, but cannot enjoy it because you are abroad, read more about how you can watch Amazon Prime abroad by pressing the link.

The Dressmaker

The movie itself has received quite a lot of praise, but not only. I found the movie to be a bit slow, but that is because it is a slow movie. This is not an action movie, but it is more of a drama where you can discover and get to know both the character played by Kate Winslet, and of course the neighborhood in which she was raised, and to which she now has returned.

The movie has some good jokes, it is romantic and it is also full of intrigues, so be prepared for all of this as you sit down to watch The Dressmaker on The movie has a 7,1/10 score on iMDB at the moment, and at Rotten Tomatoes the critics has it at a 51% score, while the audience score is 67%.

Have you seen The Dressmaker with your Prime subscription? Did you enjoy the movie? Why don’t you take a few minutes to write down your thoughts on the movie?

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