A Kindle Paperwhite (300 ppi review)

Kindle Paperwhite reviewBlack Friday is just history and I just got my hands on the brand new Kindle Paperwhite with a 300 ppi resolution. Since I normally use the cheapest Kindle I was curious to see whether I would want to change to the better one, to the Kindle Paperwhite 300 ppi, and now after testing the better Kindle for some moments I have made up my mind!

There is also the even more expensive,  the Kindle Voyage, but I have still not been able to test that one yet!

As always the first thing to do was to unpack the brand new Kindle Paperwhite, take of the plastic and start it up! On the outside it looks entirely like the normal Kindle, and the weight is also very much the same, so I would not tell the difference between the two if I had to test them one by one. The size of the screen is also the same. The setup is also entirely the same, but the most important difference between the two Kindles are the fact that the Paperwhite actually made me think of white paper. How come? Since the Kindle Paperwhite comes with back light it actually looks much more white, compared to the normal Kindle which has more of a grey feeling to it. By far this is the most important difference, because the back light is what makes this much better, because in dark rooms you simply turn of the back light and you can read easily like on a normal kindle, but out in the sun and in bright spots, or if in a super dark room, then you can easily adjust the brightness, and you will be able to read books on your Kindle and enjoy it anyway!

It is very easy to adjust the brightness, and if you turn of all back light then it will give you the same feeling as the normal Kindle (grey), but once you adjust the brightness the white background which is the cause of naming this the Paperwhite comes at once.

The Kindle Paperwhite also has a higher resolution than the normal Kindle and once I opened up the same page in the same book on the two different Kindles I noticed that it looked nicer and more content could be seen on each page on the Paperwhite. But, to me the better resolution did not really mean that big difference, so that is not a reason why I would upgrade from normal Kindle to the Kindle Paperwhite.

So, these were the major differences between the normal Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite. Personally I am giving the Kindle Paperwhite I have been testing for a while on to someone else. But, will I suffer from the fact that I will have to return to my old Kindle again? Not really! I will not miss the Paperwhite, except from those situations in which I will miss the back light available on the Paperwhite, which is useful in very dark rooms, or out in the very bright light.

If you want to grab your hands on a Paperwhite on Amazon just click the link above. What do you think about Kindle Paperwhite? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? Please write a comment if you have something to share concerning the Kindle Paperwhite!

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