Watch Eurovision SC 2015 online on YLE from abroad

YLE will broadcast both the semifinals and the Eurovision SC 2015 final online. So, if you are out there and want to watch all your favorite artists from all the 40 nations as they sing in Stadthalle in Vienna, then you can do so on YLE in Finland from all across the world.

The address of the Finnish TV channel Yle is Once you visit the site you might have some problems understanding the language, but you should still probably be able to understand what to press to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online. However, if you try to watch from outside Finland you will get an error message telling you that it is not possible, because you are located outside Finland. You will then see an error message looking something like this:

yle from abroad

To get rid of this message you will need to get yourself a Finnish IP address, and the best way of getting that is by using the VPN services of the provider named IPVanish. They have loads of servers and IP addresses available in Finland, so you just sign up and download their VPN client. Then you connect to a server in Finland, and you will be able to watch YLE from abroad within seconds.Visit IPVanish websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

The semi-finals will not be broadcasted on YLE, but on YLE 2, but you can easily choose and change between the different YLE channels online as you visit their live streams, so that should be no problem!

Enjoy watching YLE from abroad, and if you have any problems or questions, just write a comment!