Watch the Euro 2016 online on YLE

YLE is the number one channel in Finland, especially when it comes to broadcasting events such as Champions League, Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics and European Championships in football and World Cups. This summer will be a great one because in June and July we can enjoy the best European teams in football as they compete for the Euro 2016 trophee.

If you want to watch the Euro 2016 live online on YLE then just visit the YLE website to get started. But, if you are located abroad, outside Finland, then you will experience problems as you try to watch YLE from abroad. The problem is that you need a Finnish IP address in order to watch YLE, but if you are located in another country then you will have an IP address in the nation you are currently in. But, if you use the VPN services of IPVanish you can easily change that. This is what you need to do to watch Euro 2016 live online on YLE from outside Finland.

Watch Euro 2016 on YLE from outside Finland

Visit IPVanish websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds
  • Click the IPVanish button above and sign up for their services.
  • Download the IPVanish program.
  • Connect to a server in Finland.
  • You now have a Finnish IP address. You can now visit the YLE website again.
  • Watch the Euro 2016 online on YLE from abroad.

In the same way you can use these instructions later to watch the Summer Olympics on YLE from abroad.

If you want to know more about the European Championship in football in 2016 then you can find news and interesting articles at For information about who will broadcast from this event in different nations, read this IP Guide article.

It is a pity that FInland will not compete in the Euro 2016, but maybe in 2020 they will have a chance. They finished the qualification stage with quite some good matches, so if they manage to develop and get some great players, then they may have a slight chance of qualifying for future tournaments! Good luck with that!