Euro 2016 now on YLE

Belgium vs finlandI am just sitting here and watching Italy vs Belgium and it is interesting watching the match thinking about the fact that Finland almost won against Belgium about two weeks ago. They were a bit unlucky and got one goal against them just before the referee blew the whistle, but still the matched ended with a magnificent 1-1 result.

Now they are playing against Italy and even though Italy is in the lead with 1-0, Belgium is playing way nicer and cooler football than Italy. It is still 10 minutes left of the match and based on what I see on my screen I really hope that  Belgium will score a goal soon. And it might be that a draw result will be better for Sweden as well who played against Ireland earlier this evening, but that is something I really ain’t so sure about.

If you want to watch all the Euro 2016 action then you can just watch it all on YLE, the great TV station in Finland broadcasting all the matches in Finland. You can even watch it online both in and outside of Finland following these instructions. If you come from Finland and understand the Finnish language then you can also find out how to watch Finnish TV abroad at this site (in Finnish).

Lets hope that Finland will also be able to qualify for some similar tournament in the near future, but for that to happen Finnish football will probably have to improve a bit (or a lot) in the years to come.