Watch the Summer Olympics on YLE in Finland, also from abroad

Summer Olympics on YLEYLE has done it again. They will broadcast yet another fantastic sports event in Finland, and this time I am speaking about the Summer Olympics. This is how you can watch the Summer Olympics on YLE in Finland.

YLE is a fantastic channel for sports, and earlier this summer you could watch all Euro 2016 matches on the channel. During the Summer Olympics in Rio you will be able to watch more football during. There won’t be as many stars competing as during the European Championship, but many people will for sure be happy to see Neymar play for the hosting nation Brazil.

Watch the Summer Olympics on YLE

If you want to watch the Summer Olympics on YLE in Finland then visit There you will find the live streams from everything broadcasted, and you can start watching right away. If you are located abroad you will however get an error message, as YLE only can broadcast the event in Finland. Hence they do a check on your IP address as you visit their website. If they see that you have an international IP address you will not be able to access the live streams.

Luckily you can change your IP address easily. If you want to get a Finnish IP address which will make you able to watch YLE from abroad, use the services of IPVanish.

Visit IPVanish websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

Sign up for their services, download their client and connect to a server in Finland. You will then at once get a Finnish IP address. As a consequence you will be able to watch the Summer Olympics on YLE live online, from all across the world. You can also read more about how to watch YLE from abroad (in Finnish) by pressing the link.

Finland’s chances in the Summer Olympics

Back in 2008, during the Summer Olympics in Beijing, Finland got a total of 4 medals. They got one gold medal, one silver medal and two bronze medals. In London in 2012 Finland only got three medals, but none of these were gold medals. The question is whether Finland can climb up again to the top of the podium and win at least one gold medal?

I for sure hope so, and the Finnish people will cheer for it as they watch the event on YLE.

If you want to know more about the Summer Olympics and maybe want to watch it on BBC in England, read the following article.