What to watch on 10Play during the coronavirus?

Are you in isolation because of the coronavirus? Are you forced to work from home, but instead of doing some real work, you are looking for something to watch instead? Here you will find some good suggestions for what to watch on 10Play during the coronavirus!

If you like this article, make sure to check the article on what to stream on Netflix during the Coronavirus as well! But, once you are ready to stream content on 10Play, there are quite a lot of interesting shows worth watching. If you live abroad but would love to watch Australian TV, follow these instructions to find out how you can watch 10Play abroad.

Great shows to watch on 10Play during the Coronavirus

I have earlier written about the show The Unicorn. This is a CBS show from the United States. It tells us the story about a man who has lost his wife, and he now raises his kids alone. He isn’t a typical super-dad, but the women love him, and it all turns out to be quite fun with lots of jokes and cool things happening.

The Unicorn on Tenplay

Now, you cannot watch many episodes of this show on 10Play, meaning it is not ideal for binge-watching at all. But, if you are already watching the show, keep on watching!

Seinfeld / Friends

These are two real classics, and you can still watch quite a lot of episodes of the shows on 10Play. Currently, there are 7 episodes of Seinfeld available and 20 episodes of Friends. That is a good start, and it should keep you busy for quite some hours while giving you some great laughs at the same time.

Two Broke Girls is a classic comedy show, and you can stream 33 episodes of the show on 10Play. Who needs to be bored, when you can have fun with these two broke girls?

But, if you are in for watching series in which you can spend hour upon hour just streaming, then you should look for one of these.

You can stream the full first season of The Bay on 10Play. This is totally free, and ideal for those who want a series packed with action, blackmail, intrigue, and whatever you would expect from a series starring Ronn Moss.

Puberty Blues

What is it like being a teenager today? And what was it like before? Take a look at Puberty Blues to feel like a teenager, to look into the mind of a teenager, and to face the challenges and the thoughts of a teenager.

These are just some thoughts and ideas dealing with what to stream on 10Play during the coronavirus. Do not forget, it is easy to get the virus, but luckily, it isn’t that dangerous if you are in good health and of young age. But, no matter what, watch out for yourself, stay safe, and take care of your loved ones around you!

Do you have a favorite show on 10Play?

Do you have a favorite show that you enjoy watching on 10Play? Do you have a show that takes your thoughts of the world around you and all the worries, and that will let you simply lean back and have a good laugh? Write a comment and let me know about it. I would love to hear from you!

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