Now you can watch The Unicorn on Tenplay!

The Unicorn is the name of a brand new CBS series in the United States. But, it has now arrived in Down Under, and you can stream The Unicorn at the Tenplay website. Is it worth the time?

My first impression of The Unicorn felt kind of strange. The main character is Walton Goggins who takes on the role as Wade Felton, a guy who has just lost his wife and now has to live on with his two girls. What is so strange about this?

You can watch The Unicorn on Tenplay in Australia
You can watch The Unicorn on Tenplay in Australia

I have only seen Walton Goggins in action series so far (like Six), and that makes it really strange to see him in what is supposed to be a funny and laid-back role. It is almost like watching Rowan Atkinson in a serious movie, and almost like watching Adam Sandler in a serious movie. It takes some time to adapt, but once the job is done, it is actually okay!

What is The Unicorn about?

Wade Felton is single and now has to raise his two girls all by himself. Some people encourage him to start dating to find a new wife for himself, but he might not feel like doing so. But, to his great surprise, everyone is admiring him for his status (a father who lost his wife), and thus, people flock themselves to him to encourage, cherish, and to show him their love. So, this is the basic story of The Unicorn.

If you decide to watch The Unicorn, you are bound to see a lot of funny incidents and good jokes. Some might call this kind of lame, and it might be, but still – this is entertainment that is easy to watch for the entire family, and it is almost like other CBS series such as Kevin Can Wait, Man With a Plan, and similar stuff.

How to watch The Unicron on Tenplay?

If you live in Australia, simply visit the Tenplay website and start streaming. If you live in Australia, but want to use a VPN to encrypt your online activity while watching The Unicorn (and while doing other stuff), check to find out which VPN providers can be used with Tenplay.

You can also stream the newest episode of The Unicron on CBS All Access in the United States. This requires you to have a subscription, meaning that it is way more expensive, but still a great option if you love other CBS series such as The Young Sheldon and more. You can read more about how this is done and how it works at

How do you feel about The Unicorn?

I have mixed feelings about the show? If I am really bored, I might end up watching some more episodes, but there are many other shows that I have further up on my priority list currently (like His Dark Materials, The Mandalorian, The Blacklist, and several others).

But, what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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