The Rugby World Cup on Tenplay!

Tenplay will show ten matches from the Rugby World Cup, including all the matches of Australia. But, can you stream it abroad as well? Can you cheer for the Wallabies while watching the Rugby World Cup on Tenplay outside Australia?

The main goal of is to help Australians abroad get access to the site, no matter where they are in the world. I must admit, Tenplay has made it harder by blocking almost every single VPN provider on the market, but it can still be done. So, the answer to the question is yes… it is possible to watch the Rugby World Cup on Tenplay, even if you live outside Australia.

If you want to get it done, follow the instructions at the main page to find out how to watch Tenplay abroad, or do as follows.

Watch the Rugby World Cup online on 10Play in Australia everywhere!
Picture made by Hamish McConnochie

The quick way to access Tenplay abroad

  • First, click the ExpressVPN button beneath and sign up for their VPN services. If you purchase a 12-months subscription, you will get three months extra for free. No worries, they always come with a 30-day full refund policy!
ExpressVPN websiteand watch 10Play abroad
  • Download the ExpressVPN client to your computer.
  • Install the ExpressVPN client.
  • Open the program and connect to server Sydney 1 or Sydney 3.
  • Open your browser in Privacy mode/Private mode/Incognito mode (if you don’t know what it is, simply go to the settings symbol and select new private window, new incognito tab, or something like that).
  • Open
  • Find the live streams from the Rugby World Cup and start streaming.

To watch 10Play, you need to register a user at the website. That is completely free and can be done easily.

10Play will broadcast every single match in which Australia plays, but if you want to watch every single other match, use ExpressVPN to watch the Rugby World Cup online on ITV in England. If you click the link, you will also find a full schedule of the Rugby World Cup, making sure that you can schedule your life for the upcoming month, knowing which matches you want to watch on which days already.

Australia will play their first match against Fiji in the World Cup on September 21st. Australia is currently ranked as the sixth-best rugby nation in the world, while Fiji is the ninth-best nation.

On September 29th, Australia will play against Wales. That will be a very tough match as Wales is ranked as the fifth-best rugby nation in the world.

After some tough matches, things will hopefully get easier on October 5th, as Australia is out to play against Uruguay. This nation is ranked as the 19th best nation in the world.

Their final group stage match will be on October 11th against Georgia. This might sound like an easy match, but Georgia is ranked as the 11th best rugby-nation in the world, so they will not give the victory easily to Australia.

Go Australia in the Rugby World Cup!

Let us hope Australia will get to the final, just like they did in 2015. But, this time they will not only get there, but they will also win it. It might not sound very easy and reasonable, but anything is possible, and if the Australian stars can play at their best, it is for sure possible!

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