What to watch on Netflix during the coronavirus?

Do you want to find something amazing to watch on Netflix during the coronavirus? Have you seen everything there is to see? Or are you just looking for some extra suggestions and inspiration from someone else who might have discovered something that you haven’t seen yet? Here you have some great suggestions for the time of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020!

Are you afraid of getting infected by the Covid-19 virus? Are you sitting inside to protect yourself? Or are you sitting inside to protect some older family members whom you do not want to infect? Or maybe you are on lockdown and you are not allowed to go outside because you are infected? Or maybe your government has told you that you are not allowed to walk on the streets at all, and therefore, you have to be inside all day around? No matter what the reason might be, here you have some suggestions for what to watch on Netflix these days!

What to stream on Netflix during the coronavirus?

Medical Police

This is a Netflix original series. To be honest, it is quite stupid, but it might also bring a lot of laughter to those watching. Here we meet two doctors who stand in the middle of a giant virus that is about the kill all the people of the world. It sounds very serious, but Netflix has done everything in its power to make this a TV series that makes fun of all the serious shows and movies dealing with the same topic.

medical Police on netflix

One episode lasts for 30 minutes and there is a total of 10 episodes. And when the season comes to an end, the story also comes to an end. It might be that a second season will be produced, but still, you will be at peace after watching the final episode of season 1 knowing that the story has come to an end.

Medical Police is a Netflix original series and can be streamed on Netflix everywhere!

Why is this series perfect to stream during the coronavirus?
It has to do with a virus, it is dangerous, it deals with doctors, and it might make you laugh in the middle of something very serious!


This movie from 1995 stars Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Rene Russo, Donald Sutherland, Patrick Dempsey, Cuba Gooding Jr., and several others. The world faces a real-life threat as doctors and scientists have to work to find the cure of a deadly virus that was brought to America by a monkey from Africa. It might not be exactly like the coronavirus, but it has to do with grave danger, and it deals with isolation, quarantine, and other topics we have learned to know very well from today’s topics about the coronavirus.

Outbreak can be streamed on Netflix in the United States. If you need help getting access to American Netflix, check this article!

Why is Outbreak perfect to watch during the coronavirus?
It has everything… stars, a deadly virus, isolation, quarantine, research on a vaccine/cure, and so much more! The number 1 movie for this time, if I may call it that!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This movie has nothing at all to do with the coronavirus, not with other viruses. But, it has everything to do with entertainment and with Hollywood. Not only can you watch Brad Pitt and Al Pacino in this movie, but you can enjoy one more masterpiece created by Quentin Tarantino. The movie was released in 2019, and it won several Golden Globe awards in January 2020. Unfortunately for the creators, the movie didn’t win any Academy Awards, even though it was nominated in many categories.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on Netflix

You can watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on Netflix in Singapore. It is quite easy to get access to the movie there, just follow the instructions in this article!

Why watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood during the coronavirus?
Because it is a great movie, because it lasts for more than two hours, because it will let you enjoy the company of Brad Pitt, and thus, maybe forget about the worries of your everyday life for a couple of hours.

The Rain

This is a Scandinavian Netflix original series, and it consists of two seasons. What happens in this series? The people of the earth experience rain that makes them all die as it is virus infected. The only people surviving are those who managed to escape the deadly drops. We follow a brother and a sister who has been living in quarantine in a bunker for five years. But, now they are out there seeing what happened on the surface of the earth. What is going on? They quickly meet others who are similar to themselves, but they will quickly discover that life on earth changed totally with the rain.

The Rain on Netflix

The first season of The Rain consists of 8 episodes, and the average duration is 40 minutes. The second season of The Rain consists of 6 episodes. The series can be seen on Netflix everywhere.

Why watch The Rain during the coronavirus?
Once again, it deals with a virus, it is deadly, and it will keep you busy for many, many hours while in isolation from other people.

World War Z

Not tired of zombies yet? In World War Z, Brad Pitt is the guy who is out there to save the planet from zombies. He travels around the world and ends up in Israel, a country which was earlier at defending themselves against the zombies. Now they have a big wall raised to protect themselves, but the zombies are getting hungrier and hungrier for human blood.

World War Z on Netflix

World War Z has fairly good scores at Rotten Tomatoes. It has a 66% critics score and a 72% audience score. In other words, those are good numbers for being a movie in this category.

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Why watch World War Z on Netflix during the Covid-19 virus?
Because it is Brad Pitt, and he is capable of letting you enjoy the company of aliens together with your girlfriend or wife, without her complaining. So, while she enjoys watching Brad Pitt, you can enjoy the actual story of the movie.

I Am Legend

This is not a favorite movie of mine, but if you like Will Smith, then I Am Legend might turn into a real treat no matter what. He is playing the role of a scientist who is able to withstand a deadly virus that turns humankind into bloodthirsty mutants. But, even though he cannot be infected by the virus, he is still in danger of all the bloodthirsty mutants lurking around in his neighborhood. But, can he find a cure that will help people turn back into normal? Or will the bloodthirsty and virus-infected people get a hold of him first?

I Am Legend on Netflix

You can watch I Am Legend on Netflix in the Czech Republic, in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Hungary, in Sweden, in Switzerland, in Turkey, and several other countries. Want to watch I Am Legend on Netflix in Germany? Follow these instructions!

Why watch I Am Legend on Netflix during the coronavirus?
Because it is Will Smith, it is action, it is exciting, it is fast-paced, and because it brings hope that a cure is on the way!

Z Nation

Z Nation is the name of a Netflix original series. Once again there are zombies, and whomever they bite, they are infected with a virus. But, there is one person who was bitten by zombies that did survive, and he is the key to getting things back to normal. Now they have to bring him back to a laboratory in which they can extract and use his blood as a vaccine. But, that is much easier said than done.

Z Nation on Netflix

You can watch Z Nation on Netflix everywhere. There are currently four seasons of the show available.

Why watch Z Nation during the coronavirus?
Because it has to do with a deadly virus and because people have to fight and be brave. Not my personal favorite, but still, it deserves a place on this list.


Are you ready for some crazy action with Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson? Rampage is a movie based on the old classic game in which animals destroy buildings and more. Dwayne Johnson works with animals, but once an experiment in space goes wrong and a virus sort of thing lands among animals in the zoo where Dwayne Johnson works, those animals turn into giants. This is actually a quite amusing movie with fighting, action, big animals, excitement, and everything you need for a great evening in front of the TV. If you don’t like Dwayne Johnson, you might not fall in love with this movie either

Rampage on Netflix during the coronavirus

You can watch Rampage on Netflix in Canada, in Germany, in India, in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, in Portugal, in Hungary, and in some more countries. Need help getting access to one or more of these regions? Follow the instructions here.

Why watch Rampage during the coronavirus?
Because it is action, it is fun, it is overwhelming, and it is not at all a serious movie, something that might feel good in these days.

Maze Runner

There are a total of three Maze Runner movies. The first one is amazing, the second is a disaster, and the third is somewhere in the middle. The first is fantastic, simply because it is great. The second destroys everything. Do you know why? Because that is when the zombies start to show up, and it just feels stupid. But still, this is a great series of three movies that will give you six hours in front of the screen. Even though the second movie isn’t exactly great, I would still say it is worth the time. Maze Runner was a big success worldwide, and it tells the story of a group of people who find themselves in a maze trying to get out (the first movie).

Maze Runner on Netflix

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Why watch the Maze Runner movies during the coronavirus?
First of all, because they are great movies (in general). Secondly, because it once again deals with a virus (in the second movie), and because it is packed with adrenaline and exciting!


Do you feel overwhelmed by the coronavirus? Are you stuck in fear or maybe depression? Are the battles you are fighting to big and too hard? Maybe you have lost your job, lost income, or something else? Is there still hope? If you feel at home in this description, you should sit down and watch the movie Overcomer on Netflix. This tells the story about a coach who lost his job as a basketball trainer, and instead, he had to do something completely different that he didn’t like and in which he felt hopeless.

Overcomer can be streamed on Netflix in Singapore, and in Thailand (just like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood).

Why watch Overcomer on Netflix?
Because it brings a message of hope, of help, and it might give you much more than you originally expected as you sat down to watch it!


This is the second-best option for those who want to look at something that reminds us of a coronavirus movie. It stars Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Laurance Fishbourne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many other stars. In the movie, people are infected through touching objects and each other’s skin and hair, and it is very deadly. Matt Damon plays the role of a person who is immune to the virus which originally comes from a mixture of pigs and bats, but they are in a big hurry to find a vaccine, as it spreads rapidly.

Watch Contagion on Netflix

Contagion is currently available on Netflix in Canada, Japan, and Israel. The movie lasts for about 100 minutes.

Why watch Contagion on Netflix during the coronavirus?
The virus in this movie is way more deadly than the coronavirus. But still, it reminds us a little bit at least about what we are experiencing in the world today.

These are some suggestions for what to watch during the Covid-19 virus!

I hope you have enjoyed the list. I might update it even more in the coming days and weeks. If you have further suggestions and ideas for what to stream on Netflix during the coronavirus, write a comment and share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

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