No Cricket World Cup at 10Play

There is a lot of awesome content at 10Play, but cricket isn’t one of them. Currently, Australia is playing against England in the Cricket World Cup semi-final, and unfortunately, it cannot be streamed at 10Play.

Watching the Cricket World Cup at 9Now, following the same strategy as when I try to stream 10Play abroad.
Watching the Cricket World Cup at 9Now, following the same strategy as when I try to stream 10Play abroad.

But, I am still in luck! If you have visited, you will see that I am explaining how it is possible to watch Tenplay abroad. And guess what, I am using exactly the same method in order to stream the Cricket World Cup online at 9Now in Australia. I know, it is very cool, because it almost feels like I have bought a big bar of chocolate (the VPN) in order to enjoy it with Tenplay, only to discover that I got one more chocolate for free and now I can enjoy 9Now as well.

In fact, it is loaded with chocolates, because I can also use it with ABC iview in Australia, with BBC in England, with ITV in England, with all sorts of Netflix regions, and with TV stations all across the world. In other words, it is so much more than just watching 10Play.

Not going so good for Australia

The match is still going, but it looks very much as if Australia will lose their first Cricket World Cup semi-final today. England has been extremely solid since the start of the game, and that is why I am very curious to see how this will end. Can Australia get back at them, or will the host nation get the ticket to the final in which they will play against New Zealand?

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Are you in a good mood today, or are you depressed because of the way Australia is playing in the Cricket World Cup? I would love to hear from you!

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