Cheering for the neighbors

Belgium vs ItalyIt is Euro 2016 and since the Netherlands is not there I guess it is fair to cheer for Belgium instead. And right now they are playing against Italy and with 5 minutes left to play Italy is still in the lead with 1-0. But, Belgium has had the ball and the pressure for the last 30 minutes (and really throughout the entire match), so I at least hope that they will be able to score a goal within the coming five minutes.

As you probably know all the matches in Euro 2016 will be broadcasted on NOS in the Netherlands, meaning that you can watch them online at the NOS website. If you are located abroad then you can follow these instructions to watch NOS/NPO from abroad.

You can also read more on about how you can watch NOS and other Dutch channels online abroad, but be aware of the fact that those instructions are only available in Dutch language, so if you do not understand that, do not visit that site, but read the instructions here at instead.

Well, now it is only 1 1/2 minute left of the match and Italy is still in the lead, so this does not look to bright, but the hope is not yet gone entirely. But, the Italians play really boring football in times like this and now they even scored a 2-0 goal and that means that the victory just arrived to Italy. Congratulations on the second goal, it was really beautiful.

But, that means that all the pressure will be on Belgium as they will play against Ireland on June 17th and against Sweden on June 22nd. We have lots of great football to look forward to also in the coming days and weeks.

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