How can I watch Dutch TV abroad?

If you want to watch NPO, NOS, SBS 6 or other Dutch TV stations abroad you will get some trouble doing so. How can I watch Dutch TV abroad?

As you, for example, visit the NPO website to watch NPO from outside the Netherlands you will get an error message telling you that NPO cannot show the content you want to watch outside the Netherlands. That is because of a so-called geographical block which makes it impossible for people outside the Netherlands to watch most of the programs and live streams available on their website. But, what can you do if you really want to watch Dutch TV online outside the Netherlands? Here comes the answer!

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Watch Dutch TV online outside the Netherlands

To watch Dutch TV online outside the Netherlands you will need to get yourself an IP address in the Netherlands. A local IP address in the Netherlands will make all websites believe that you are in Netherlands, and thus they will give you access to all online content such as live streams on NPO and programs available at SBS 6, NOS and much more.
It is very easy to get a Dutch IP address and to get one we recommend that you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN, a very good VPN provider with several servers in Netherlands and great speeds, making sure that you can watch your favorite Dutch TV station online outside Netherlands without problems.

ExpressVPN cost 13USD a month or about 99USD for a year, but they do have a thirty-day full refund policy, so if you are not satisfied within the first seven days you will get your money back.

Click the ExpressVPN link and sign up for their services. Then you can download the ExpressVPN program to your Windows computer, Apple device or Android device and connect to a server in the Netherlands. You will be ready to watch NPO and other Dutch TV channels at once.

Enjoy your ExpressVPN subscription even more

You can also use your ExpressVPN subscription to do lots of other things. You can, for example, connect to a server in England and then you will get access to BBC and ITV live streams online. You can connect to a server in the USA and get access to FOX, NBC, and CBS and watch all your favorite TV series on their websites.

Dutch TV abroad on Android and iOS systems

You can easily download the ExpressVPN client to Android and iOS systems (iPad, iPhone) which will give you a Dutch IP address once you are connected to a server in the Netherlands. If you can not download the NPO application from Google Play Store or Apple Store, this is what you need to do:

NPO on iOS: Make sure to have your Apple ID registered with an address in the Netherlands. If you have a Dutch Apple ID and use it you will find all Dutch apps in the Apple Store.

NPO on Android: Use ExpressVPN to get yourself a Dutch IP address. Then open Settings — Apps — Google Play Store. There you select Storage and choose „Clear Data.” Now re-open Google Play Store. You should now be able to search for and find NPO and other Dutch apps in Google Play Store.

You are now ready to watch Dutch TV abroad

You are now ready to watch NPO, SBS 6 and other Dutch online content from all around the earth.

We hope you will enjoy watching and that you have found these instructions useful.

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