Watch the FIFA World Cup on NOS from abroad

So, you are a football fan and would love to watch the FIFA World Cup on NOS. But, have you discovered that NOS blocks users outside the Netherlands, and they even block people using IPVanish, HideMyAss and other VPN services? How are you gonna stream the FIFA World Cup on NOS from abroad then?

fifa world cup on NOS

Between June 14th and July 15th, the FIFA World Cup is arranged in Russia. Vladimir Putin and his country welcome the world, and even though people do not appreciate Putin that much, they still love to watch football. And thus, the entire world looks to Russia again to watch sports, just like they did during the Winter Olympics in 2014.

But, how are you gonna stream the football matches broadcasted by NOS in the Netherlands if you live somewhere else?

You can read more information in general on how to watch NOS from abroad here at, but if you want to read an article in Dutch, then I suggest checking out this article: Hoe kun je het WK 2018 via NOS toch volgen vanuit het buitenland?

It is a brilliant article and will give you exactly the information that you look for.

I am really sad about the fact that the Netherlands did not qualify for the tournament, but hopefully, the new time of glory for the Netherlands in international football will return soon. Until then, let’s cheer for England, Belgium, France or maybe Argentina? You decide!

If you want to stream the FIFA World Cup, just somehow, online – read this article at There you can find out how to watch the matches on BBC/ITV in the UK from all across the world, and on all sorts of platforms.

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