Watch the Summer Olympics on NOS

Summer Olympics on NOSNOS is the number one channel for sports in the Netherlands. This summer you can watch the Summer Olympics on NOS, both within and outside the Netherlands.

Holland has a lot to fight for as their contestants travel to Rio to compete. In 2008 the contestants from the Netherlands ended up bringing home a total of 16 medals, whereof 7 were gold medals. As a consequence they ended up as the 12th best nation on the medal ranking in 2008.

In the Summer Olympics in London in 2012 they ended up as the 13th best nation. This time they got 20 medals in total, whereof six were gold medals. And it should be told that the ranking is based purely on amount of gold medals. If you for example compare Holland to Hungary (who ended up 10th) you will see that Holland got more medals, but since Hungary got eight gold medals they still got a higher medal ranking than the Netherlands.

Watch the Summer Olympics on NOS

If you want to watch the Summer Olympics on NOS (NPO) then all you have to do is to visit There you will find lots of information and live streams from the most important events during the Summer Olympics. You should however be warned. The live streams are only available inside the Netherlands, which means that you will not be able to watch the live streams from abroad. This can however easily be fixed. If you want to watch NOS abroad simply click the link to read my instructions on how it is done.

For those who like BBC in England you will find instructions on how to watch the Summer Olympics online here. There you will also be able to see who will broadcasted the event in lots of other nations.

Have you read through this article, but do not really like to read in English? You can find out more about how to watch the Summer Olympics online at

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