Great NOS summer coming up!

NOS is going to have a fantastic summer and we as viewers will for sure enjoy it as well. First NOS will broadcast the entire Euro 2016 live from France in June and July and then in August it is time for Brazil to invade the screens of NOS as they will broadcast the entire Summer Olympics 2016.

What is really great with NOS is that they have free live streams available online at which you can follow both these events online and all you need in order for this to work is a Dutch IP address, that is an IP address in the Netherlands. Because when you visit they check your location based on your IP address, and if they discover that you are located outside of Netherlands you will not be allowed to watch their live streams from the Euro 2016 and from the Summer Olympics. So, why not change your IP address so that you can watch? Read more about how you can from abroad right here.

We really look forward to these events, but we must admit that it will be strange to see a European Championship in football in which the Netherlands will not be present. This nation and this team that for sure is among the very best teams in the world had a terrible qualification and somehow they did not even manage to end up third in their group, but instead they ended up fourth behind Iceland, Czech Republic and Turkey. And no teams at fourth place did get a chance to qualify, meaning that the Netherlands did not even get to play play-off matches. But, the Euro 2016 will for sure be interesting anyways, and we look really forward to it.

If you want to know more about the Euro 2016 then you can find news and information about online watching at For more information about how to watch the Summer Olympics 2016 online read this article.

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