What is the best VPN for Netflix?

Are you looking for a VPN solution that will make Netflix work even better for you? Do you want to change your Netflix region to get access to Netflix content in several regions? What is the best VPN for Netflix? I will try to answer that question in this article!

In the world of Netflix a lot has changed in the start of 2016. First Netflix launched in 130 new nations in the start of January and then they started their attack on unblockers in the end of January. The first change made Netflix available in almost all nations of the world, so you no longer needed a VPN to actually watch Netflix, except from in a few nations. Since then you need a VPN to watch Netflix in another region than the one you are presently in. But as Netflix started blocking VPN providers and providers of similar services in the end of January 2016 the industry has changed and the services which were earlier the best VPN services for Netflix watching is not necessarily that anymore.

What is the best VPN for Netflix
What is the best service if you want to change your Netflix region?

What is the best VPN for Netflix as of now?

Before I answer I want to ask you a question. Do you really need a VPN, or would you be happy to use a so called SmartDNS provider if they could help you change your Netflix region just as easily and good as a VPN could formerly do? If your answer is yes to that question then I will without a doubt recommend that you use the SmartDNS provider Unlocator to watch Netflix and to change between different Netflix regions easily.Visit the Unlocator website(and try for free for seven days)

Unlocator also has a seven day free trial period, which means that you can easily try it without any risk and the only information you need to give them is their email address.

I said VPN for Netflix, not SmartDNS

If your answer to my question above is yes, meaning that you really want to use a VPN provider and not a SmartDNS provider, then I do not really have a good and perfect answer for you. I have tried several VPN providers and the problem is that some of their IP addresses seem to work while a whole lot of other IP addresses will not work. I have for example tried with HideMyAss to watch Netflix in the United Kingdom and in the USA, but I got the unblocker error, but as I tried to use HideMyAss in Scandinavia it worked.

In other words, I would go for Unlocator at the very moment. However the world we live in is often a dark and insecure place, so maybe in a month from now all VPN providers will be up and running again with new IP addresses in their register and thus able to help all their users watch Netflix in all nations using the IPs provider by the VPN provider. Who knows?

Do you have any experience with certain VPN providers? What is the best VPN for Netflix based on your experience? Please write a comment and let me know!

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