Now you can watch Netflix anywhere!

Netflix available everywhere
When will Netflix reach outer space?

January 6th will be a day marked in history, especially in the diary of those who love online streaming and Netflix. Before that day most nations in the world had to live without Netflix, but after that day Netflix is present in almost 200 nations in the world. Some might say that this site was interesting until January 6th in 2016, but since January 6th this site is no longer interesting. After all with Netflix almost anywhere, what is the need for a site dedicated to giving information about watching Netflix from abroad?

The question is valid, but I do believe that with Netflix getting into new nations the need for this site will become even bigger. Maybe not the way it has always been needed, because as of this day very few people will see the message when they visit the Netflix website that this service is not available in your nation yet. So, that is a problem of the past, mostly. However, another problem will arise with millions of new users coming to Netflix and loads of them travel around.

Safely at home they watch House of Cards and have favorite TV series available. But, then out traveling to another country they visit only to discover that the content available is very different and lots of things they love at home can not be found in Netflix in that given nation. And maybe even worse, what they love at home is now only available with subtitles in strange languages and maybe even dubbed.

That is why the need for help to find out how to change Netflix regions and watch content available in all sorts of Netflix regions will become even more needed and I will do my best to come up with such information in the future as well.

In addition Netflix users are always out there looking for information about new films and TV series added to Netflix, and I will of course keep on writing those articles in the future as well so that you can know which films are worth watching and in which Netflix regions you can watch them easily and quickly.

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    1. Netlix should be available in Indonesia as well, meaning that you can watch Indonesian Netflix without a VPN. If you want to enjoy other Netflix regions in Indonesia you will need to use a VPN though…

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