What is Bitcoin? What are cryptocurrencies? Explained on Netflix!

I am a big blockchain enthusiast, and I loved watching “Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix.” Yesterday, by a giant coincidence, I wanted to test something with on the Chromecast of my friend.

By a coincidence I did my testing with the new Netflix program, Explained. The latest episode had to do with diets, but as I looked through the titles for the different programs I discovered one with the title Cryptocurrencies.

Explaining the principle of consensus in the blockchain in "Explained" on Netflix
Explaining the principle of consensus in the blockchain in “Explained” on Netflix

Explained is a short program on Netflix in which they try to speak about difficult topics in a short and informative way. One episode deals with one topic, and one episode lasts around 13 minutes. So, do you want to know more about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and blockchain, take a look at the episode about Cryptocurrencies in the Explained series on Netflix?

[stextbox id=’alert’ caption=’I like the concept in “Explained”‘ mode=’undefined’]I got to say that I like the concept of Explained. It makes Netflix more like a TV channel at which you can watch all sorts of programs, including the informative programs trying to explain interesting topics. Even though cryptocurrencies might be my favorite topic among these, I can easily imagine that I will take a look at some more episodes about other topics later.[/stextbox]

Did I like the Explained episode about cryptocurrencies?

I am a blockchain enthusiast. I might not be the biggest Bitcoin fan (as I do not like the way it controls the entire cryptocurrency world), but I always like positive articles and videos about Bitcoin. As I watched Explained I didn’t manage to decide entirely on whether or not I liked the episode. It wasn’t a “shill-movie” or a “bull-movie”, but that was never the goal of the episode either. Explained is about presenting a topic that people are interested in, and trying to describe it in an objective way.

Screenshot from the Explained episode on Netflix
Screenshot from the Explained episode on Netflix

To be honest, this is probably a quite objective way of presenting the technology, so I do not think it is worth complaining about it. If blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the future, then they will survive and thrive, no matter what is said about it in a 13-minute episode on Netflix.

Watch Explained on Netflix

As far as I know, Explained can be seen in all different Netflix regions around the globe. You do not need to change your region in order to watch this, so just relax, visit Netflix.com, and watch the episode yourself!


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