Is it possible to watch the World Cup 2018 on Netflix?

I am looking forward to the World Cup, but I am not sure how and where to watch it. Can I watch the World Cup 2018 on Netflix?

Is it possible to watch the World Cup 2018 on Netflix

Netflix is the home of fantastic movies and TV series, but it is not the home of live sports (yet)! I don’t know if they ever will be, but the answer to your question is a big NO. It is not possible to stream the World Cup 2018 on Netflix, meaning that you will have to look for another platform and for another way to stream the matches online.

The first match will be played on June 14th (only one match), but already on June 15th, there will be three different matches with Spain – Portugal as the big highlight.

Where can I watch the World Cup then?

But, if it isn’t possible to watch the World Cup on Netflix, where should I watch it then? There are lots of places to watch the entire World Cup and all the matches online. You can find a sweet mixture of methods in the following article in the IP Address Guide. There you can read about free TV channels broadcasting the event, and also pay-TV channels. The best way to stream the World Cup is probably on Fubo TV, but that is a pay channel. If you want to watch the event for free, all you need is a VPN that will give you access to BBC and ITV in the UK, and you are ready to watch the entire World Cup for free on UK TV. Doesn’t that sound cool? You can read more on how to watch ITV from abroad and BBC from abroad in the linked article.

What to watch on Netflix between the matches?

I wrote about a movie named The Book of Henry in the HBO Now blog a while back. I have watched it since then, and it was a quite interesting movie. I did a quick search yesterday to see if the movie can be found in any Netflix region, but so far it cannot be found anywhere, so I guess we will have to wait.

But, if you want some great action and lots of humor, you should watch Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix in between the FIFA World Cup matches. You can watch it both on American and Canadian Netflix, so get started… it is a big treat!


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