Will IPSX make it easier to change your Netflix region?

In the third quarter of 2018 a decentralized IP exchange, IPSX will be launched. They will offer services quite similar to traditional VPN providers, but still, they will operate in a very different way. And the difference is what might make IPSX by far the best solution if you want to change your Netflix region.

Since January 2016 it has been very hard to find working solutions if you want to gain access to a different Netflix region. There are solutions if you want to access Canadian, American, English, Dutch and German Netflix, but they are very limited, and they might be blocked anytime. But, if you want to get access to smaller regions like Sweden, Austria, Japan, or maybe Australia, you will have great trouble finding working solutions. Do you know why?

Will IPSX make it easier to change your Netflix region, and thus access even more Netflix content?
Will IPSX make it easier to change your Netflix region, and thus access even more Netflix content?

Why is it so easy to block VPN providers?

Most VPN providers buy IP address from data-centers around the world. They often buy a series of IP addresses, but they are still similar. Often a provider with 250 IP addresses in a given nation owns a series looking something like this:,, and so on, all the way to This is so easy to block, and so easy to discover. And that is why VPN providers are very vulnerable as Netflix and other streaming services do their uttermost to block such services.

Why will IPSX be different?

IPSX is a decentralized exchange of IP addresses. It works in a very different way. The company behind the service will not buy and sell IP addresses themselves. They have simply created a platform in which anyone can register and be a provider (letting others use their IP address), and anyone can be a requester (using the IP addresses provided by others). In other words, with IPSX Johnny who is sitting somewhere in India wants to earn some cash, and thus he will let others use his IP address. This is one stand-alone IP address, which will be very hard to discover and block. Johnny makes money with this, he recommends is to his friends, and suddenly you get lots of stand-alone IP addresses in the Mumbai area of India. As the rumor spreads across the Internet, you have hundreds of thousands of IP addresses available like this worldwide.

[stextbox id=’info’ caption=’Will someone spend all my bandwidth if I let others use my IP address?’ mode=’undefined’]Maybe you are worried about other users using all your bandwidth in this way? You do not have to worry, as IPSX will let you set the amount of bandwidth you want to lend out to requesters, and you can also set time-limits for when your IP can be used (for example, in the night while you are asleep, outside office hours etc…)[/stextbox]

But, this is not only for private users. IPSX already has a partnership with Data Center Luxembourg, and more big partners are coming up. For businesses, IPSX is a perfect tool. ISP’s and other Internet hosting services with leftover IP addresses can add them to the IP exchange, and thus create an income instead of losing money by just holding onto the unused IP’s. In the same way businesses in need of a large number of different IP addresses will find it on the decentralized exchange.

How will IPSX work in real life?

ip exchange for netflixIPSX is still in beta version and you can read more about the entire project and find answers to frequently asked questions here. But, it will most likely give you the same feeling as a normal VPN provider. You can visit their website, sign up for their services, pay for the services, and get started using it. It is built around the IPSX token (a cryptocurrency), but as you buy the services it will be easy to pay for, even for grandmas with no special knowledge about cryptocurrencies, VPN’s, or about computers.

I have tested IPSX myself in a beta-version, and I got it to work with several Netflix regions. But, it will get way better as the final version is launched because that is when private users and businesses can make their IP’s available big-time using the platform.

Is IPSX the future of Netflix region switching?

The way I see it, the answer is yes. But, it depends on whether they manage to make their platform really easy to use, and of course, it will depend on the pricing. But, they have promised to make it easy to use, and they have also said that the pricing will be easier, and they will have options more optimal for streamers abroad (you do not have to sign up for one month if all you need is a weekend etc…)

If you want to know more about IPSX, use one of the following links beneath for more information. If you want to invest in IPSX, you can buy their tokens at the Bibox cryptocurrency exchange.

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