Which Netflix region do you want to access?

Are you looking for information on how to access a certain Netflix region? Here you will find all the instructions and information that you need!

Throughout the years I have written hundreds of articles on how to visit certain Netflix regions, and of course, about movies and TV series available on Netflix. Today I have spent hours looking through old articles, and I have tested the methods described in those.

which netflix region do you want to stream

If you visit the front page of this blog, you will see links to articles on how to access different Netflix regions. Today I have looked through all those articles, and either removed non-working versions and replaced them with working versions or simply written that they do not work anymore.

Luckily there are methods that work with most of the regions, so if you want to get access to a certain Netflix region, make sure to check out the different articles.

As of June 2018, I know how to get access to the following Netflix regions!

Based on my tests today, I know of methods and VPN services that will help you get access to the following Netflix regions. Click on the link you are interested in, and start streaming Netflix right away.

These are the nations for which I have working methods available. I am constantly looking for working solutions for even more regions, so please tell me if you know about VPN providers working that I don’t.

I have also updated the main blog site with information based on the new EU regulations, which deal with travel inside the EU. As of 2018, you bring your Netflix home region with you, meaning that a German traveling to France will still access German Netflix while in France. But, at the moment the same person leaves the European Union, he will start accessing the Netflix content available in that nation.

Check the Netflix from abroad blog for more information. Thank you for reading, and have a good time streaming on Netflix!

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