Watch Spectre on Netflix

It isn’t that long ago since I watched Spectre in the cinema, but now it can already be seen on Netflix. But, in which Netflix regions can I watch Spectre?

Daniel Craig has turned into a great 007-agent, and he has become a very popular James Bond. I was not a big fan as I first watched him in Casino Royale, but since then he has gotten better and better and now I really do like him in the role as James Bond. The latest 007 film was Spectre and I had great expectations before watching it. The reason was not Daniel Craig, but the Christoph Waltz playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the main bad guy in the film.

Watch Spectre on netflix

I really do like Christoph Waltz and he is a fantastic actor. In this film he does a great job again, even though I must admit that I liked him even more in most of the other movies in which I have seen him play.

Watch Spectre on Netflix

If you would like to watch Spectre on Netflix, then the first Netflix region to get the film is Australian Netflix. Now, that might be a bit complicated for you to get access to that region, but there are ways in which it can be done. If not, then you can either wait for a few months (or years) before it will arrive to US Netflix or to your local Netflix region.

Should you watch Spectre on Netflix?

If you are a James Bond fan then this is absolutely a film to watch. I had a really great time watching it, and I have even seen the movie once more since then. So, if you like a good action film, this will for sure do as a evening program! Did you like Spectre? Do you have a comment or a question? Use the comment field beneath!

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