Now you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix

Life of Crime is an action comedy from 2014, and it just arrived on Netflix. Find out how and where you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix.

Now you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix
Now you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix

It might be that I am starting to forget things easily, but as far as I remember I did watch Life of Crime a few years ago. But, since I do not actually remember much of it, it might be that I didn’t actually watch the film, I only wanted to watch it. But then again, I do think I watched it, because I remember the jokes and the full story from the trailer. Or, maybe I just watched the Life of Crime trailer? You can watch it just beneath here as well if you want to.

It doesn’t really matter if I have seen Life of Crime or not, because based on the trailer it looks like a quite okay comedy with Jennifer Aniston and some other stars. She is taken captive by some bad guys who want to use her to blackmail her husband (who is away cheating on her). Unfortunately for the bad guys the husband of Jenifer Aniston is happy to get rid of her and he will not pay a dime to get her back. So, what happens then? Watch Life of Crime on Netflix to find out!

Watch Life of Crime on Netflix

At the moment you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix in Canada. If you are located outside of Canada then you can still get access to Canadian Netflix by following the instructions in this article. There I have described easily how you can watch all the great movies and TV series available on Canadian Netflix, so you better hurry up and get started if you want to watch Life of Crime on Canadian Netflix.

In addition to Jennifer Aniston you will also see Isla Fisher and Tim Robbins in this movie from 2014.

Have you seen Life of Crime? Did you like it, or was it only a comedy that tried to be funny, but did not succeed?

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