Watch Michael Clayton on Netflix

I remember watching Michael Clayton in cinema and did not enjoy it so much. That is why I am not so enthusiastic about Michael Clayton coming to Netflix. If you however want to watch the film, you can now watch Michael Clayton on Netflix.

Watch Michael Clayton on Netflix

It is quite seldom that I do not remember movies well, but with Michael Clayton I have quite a hard time remembering the story of the film. What however comes to my mind is a somewhat serious movie with George Clooney. It isn’t the typical action packed film, but more like a drama moving in a quite slow tempo.

Now, since I do not actually remember Michael Clayton that well I might be terribly wrong, but what I know for sure is that I have no plan actually spending minutes watching the movie again to see if I remember correct.

Michael Clayton on Netflix

If you want to get access to Michael Clayton on Netflix and watch the film, then you can currently watch it on Spanish Netflix. That is not so convenient, especially not if you live in the United States and only have access to US Netflix. I have written an article earlier telling how you can get access to Spanish Netflix outside Spain, but it is getting harder and harder to access other Netflix regions, so I can not guarantee that the method described in that article will work by the time you get to read it. Take a look at if and find out!

How did you like Michael Clayton? Did the movie make an impression or you, or is it a movie you will forget quickly (just like I did)?

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