Netflix proxy error after watching 10 minutes with VPN

Netflix error messageHave you tried to watch Netflix using a VPN lately? Did it work for a couple of minutes, maybe 10 minutes, and then suddenly you got the proxy error message? You are not alone!

I am not at all sure what this error is about, but I have a feeling that Netflix is kind of checking your location and maybe taking advantage of some DNS leaks. In that way they manage to discover your location, even with you using a VPN service that is supposed to work with Netflix.

There are lots of VPN providers still working with Netflix, meaning that they will help you get access to other Netflix regions from abroad. It is however getting harder and harder to find those providers, as Netflix seems to fight harder and harder each day to make life hard for those VPN and proxy-lovers.

I do know how to access lots of other Netflix regions using different VPN providers, but it is for sure getting harder.

What can you do if you get the Netflix proxy error?

If you get the Netflix proxy error after watching a film for about ten minutes, then you can do a couple of things. You can contact the customer service of your VPN provider or you can restart your device and try again. It might be that the  IP address you connected from (and given to you by the VPN provider) has been blocked forever, but it might also be some other reason for the error message to show up.

If your goal is to access US Netflix from abroad, then you should also read my article on the issue which will give you information about several VPN providers that still work fine with US Netflix from all across the world.

Have a great time watching Netflix, and hopefully you will get more joy than irritation as you try to access Netflix from abroad using a VPN or SmartDNS provider.

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